Advanced Scientific Medical Writing

Take your scientific writing skills to the next level by actively engaging in real-life scientific writing, providing feedback on fellow researcher’s work in progress, receiving language expert advice on your own writing and learning from hands-on exercises and short focused lessons that target known language issues for non-native scientific writers like yourself.

The Advanced Scientific Medical Writing course is tailored to course participants who are PhD students or junior researchers, non-native speakers of English who have completed the Basic Scientific Medical Writing course and who want to apply what they have learned about efficient and effective tools for writing in practice.

The aim of the course is to train your general and disciplinary writing ability to make you a successful writer by focusing on production and revision of research papers, conference abstracts and posters and by applying the skills you learned in the basic course while addinga range of new, more sophisticated skills to your research writing toolbox.

Successful completion of this course will boost the impact of your research and allow you to increase both your publication rates and speed quite simply because you will be getting your message across more effectively as a professional writer of scientific medical English.

What you get as a participant on this course

  • The course contents closely mirror the very popular on-site advanced PhD course offered by HEALTH at Aarhus University, Denmark, to which it adds the unique freedom of on-line self-paced learning combined with personal on-line tutoring. The course is taught by a professional linguist experienced in science editing, copyediting, language revision and PhD teaching who knows the tricks of the trade from 30+ years of personal experience in scientific writing, both academic and professional.


  • The format of this course is entirely online*. As a registered course participant, you become a member of the online teaching platform Termshare Academy from where you may access our course materials and raise any issues of language and composition, including those related to your own writing in progress. Furthermore, course participants will receive free newsletters and have unrestrained access to Termshare’s scientific writing FAQ plus personal on-line, chat, mail or telephone consultancy during the course.


  • Online activities include reading background materials and blogs on each of the 16 course elements; seeing small videos on issues of presentation, composition and text production, and typical non-native English speaker language problems; and solving tasks on language and composition.


  • What is required? The advanced course takes the issues covered in the Basic Course to a higher, applied level of language usage and therefore requires course participants to actively engage with their own and fellow course participants’ texts through writing-editing-feedback-rewriting processes to improve their own texts and writing practices. Each student may contribute to the course with at least two texts (e.g. one or more sections of a research paper; a poster and/or a conference abstract; and a communication exchange with reviewers.

*For tailor-made, blended or on-site courses geared to particular departmental needs, please contact Morten Pilegaard (

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Practical info.

Course type Tutored online course

Date Self-paced course.You can start now!

Duration 5 h/week during 4 weeks

Meet your trainer

Kopi af Termshare_007 copy

Morten Pilegaard

Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark

Researcher in the field of scientific medical writing and senior scientific proofreader with 30+ years of experience.

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For tailor-made, blended or on-site courses geared to particular departmental needs, please contact Morten Pilegaard at

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